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The Benefits of Repairing Your Tractor in the Field

Tractor Repair

When you work with tractors or heavy equipment and have to repair a problem quickly, getting the machine off the field and to the repair shop can be time-consuming. Making the repair with the machine on-site is often a better option. There are some benefits to repairing the equipment on location that might make you consider that next time you have a breakdown. 

Saving Time

One of the most significant losses you take with equipment breakdowns is time. If the machine is not working, you lose productivity, and hauling a broken down tractor to the shop for repair takes planning and additional time.

Moving a tractor to a repair site requires a heavy-duty trailer, someone qualified to move the oversized load, and in some instances even a permit for the move. If you don’t have the trailer and driver on the farm, there’s even more lost time finding them and bringing them to the field.

These things all add to lost work time on that piece of equipment. If you repair that tractor in the field, you eliminate the need for the trailer, truck, and time to move the tractor. You don’t wait on a driver to arrive and can even get the tech working right away.  

Cost Savings

Having a technician come out to the field to work on your tractor saves you money in several ways. First, you don’t pay to tow the tractor to a shop, and second, there is less overhead for the technician, so prices are typically lower.

Third, prices for parts are generally lower. Often a technician that is working on location carries the common parts they need to do the job. If they need something they don't have, they know how to get it quickly and most of the time, at a lower cost. 

Avoiding Hazardous Spills

Moving a tractor that has a hydraulic leak can be a problem. If you can repair it where it sits, you have far less chance of leaking hydraulic oil on the field or other soil nearby. Fixing the tractor on-site allows the tech to catch the oil that is drained from the system and dispose of it properly. Once the repair is complete, the tractor can be moved safely to clean up the area under it if necessary. 

It is essential to clean up an oil or chemical spill in the field as soon as you can move the machine. The longer the oil sits on the dirt, the deeper it will penetrate into the soil. If the spill covers a large area, have the tech fix the tractor enough to move it off the field and finish the repair in an area that is away from water and crops. Doing so allows you to clean the spill as quickly as possible.

On-site maintenance is not a new idea, but it does require a tech with a solid mechanical background. On-site maintenance technicians don’t have the same level of support or help as they would working at the dealership or an independent equipment repair shop, so they rely on experience and a broad knowledge base. They have to bring the shop with them and do the work on their own. 

Anything On-Site Repair LLC has the experience and training to do just that. We will come to your location and repair your equipment, perform general maintenance on it, and modify it as needed. Our goal is to provide the highest level of customer service possible and perform high-quality repairs for you. Visit our website for more information and contact us so we can discuss your project or service needs in person.