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Tips for Hydraulic System Maintenance

Hydraulic system
If you use a hydraulic system or several hydraulic systems at work, then you know that you need to maintain and take care of these systems. If you don’t maintain your system, you can end up with problems, including decreases in productivity. However, you may be unsure of exactly what you need to do to take care of your system.

The following are a few simple tips that you can use to keep your system up and running.

Check Your Oil Levels Daily

Checking the oil in a car is something that you do semi-regularly. However, when it comes to hydraulic machinery, you need to check the oil much more often. In fact, checking your oil levels at least once each day is necessary for optimal functioning of your system.

If you check the oil and add in or change the oil daily as needed, your system should last much longer without any problems. Be sure to check the oil in each power unit tank your machines have. This might be a pain, but making it a part of your daily routine can really help.

Check Your Filter Indicators

You should also regularly check your filter indicators. How often you should do this will depend on the age and overall condition of your machinery, as well as the frequency of use. A professional service can help to set you up on a good maintenance schedule.

The reason you'll need to check these indicators regularly is so that you can determine how much contamination is entering your system and being caught by your filters. Also, you will want to notice right away when a filter needs to be changed so that your system stays protected from any further contamination.

Check Your Temperature Levels at Least Once a Week

In addition to all of these tasks, keep an eye on your system's temperature. Try writing down the temperature at least once a week and keeping a log so that you can determine any sudden drops or rises in temperature.

Also, know the appropriate temperature range for your particular system so that you can ensure it is operating at optimal levels. Too-low temperatures can be a sign of a dying system and warrant a call for professional servicing. Too-high temperatures, on the other hand, can often be remedied by increasing fluids and adjusting the cooling parts of the machine.

Be on the Lookout for Leaks

Each day, as you go through your maintenance checklist, keep your eyes peeled for any system leaks.

You may also want to do a thorough walk-around of the system, checking at ground level for drips or moisture that shouldn't be there. Leaks can have many causes, from broken seals to too much pressure buildup. In any case, if you do discover a leak, you’ll need to act quickly to keep your system safe and functioning properly.

Watch Out for the Warning Signs of System Failure

One of the best things about regular maintenance for your hydraulic system is that it will enable you to spot the warning signs of system failure early on. Catching this problem and replacing machinery as needed is very important for maintaining business productivity.

The most important things to be on the lookout for are sudden, drastic drops in actuator speed and case drain flow. You will need to have any issues like these investigated promptly.

If you can keep these useful tips in mind and perform maintenance daily, your system is a lot more likely to have a long and productive life ahead of it. Also, don't fail to call on professional help as needed. The experts at Anything On-Site Repair LLC are a great resource. Call them today to learn more about taking care of your hydraulic system.