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Why Preventative Maintenance for a Fleet Is So Essential

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To save money, prolong the life of your truck, avoid unexpected breakdowns, and minimize repair costs, you need to perform preventative maintenance on your truck.
Wear and tear is a normal part of operating a vehicle, and you will need to correct it by regularly replacing parts. Although many companies are looking to cut corners, preventative maintenance is one corner you cannot afford to cut.

Preventative Maintenance Begins With the Driver

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for maintenance. Preventative maintenance begins with paying close attention to sounds, rumbling, or shaking you may experience with your truck.
As you are accustomed to how your truck normally feels, you should be able to identify when something is off. These experiences can then be used by the technician to determine what is wrong.
You should especially pay attention to problems with steering components, brakes, and tire pressure. Test tire pressure routinely to know when to add air. When you struggle to turn the steering wheel or when you struggle to press the brakes, have these problems inspected by a technician.
Begin each trip by checking gauges to make sure they are working. Routinely inspect gauges to verify that your engine isn't overheating. The pressure gauge should show increasing or normal pressure.
The oil temperature gauge will gradually rise to the normal operating temperature. Make sure the alternator and/or generator is charging. Check the air vacuum gauge.

Preventative Maintenance Is a Legal Requirement

A vehicle that is not maintained in a reasonable way can result in the driver of the vehicle being prosecuted for negligence or facing a lawsuit. Any fines or legal expenses will cost more in the long run than will preventative maintenance. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that at least one inspection be performed every year.

Unscheduled Downtime Costs Money

Unscheduled downtime is more expensive than downtime that is scheduled. The time that is not spent on the road equates to lost earnings, unhappy customers, and lost shipments. You may have to pay for a replacement or a rental until the truck you own is serviced.

Preventative Maintenance Minimizes Risks

Vehicles that are not properly maintained are more likely to have an accident. Most accidents result from driver error, but some result from vehicle defects. Accidents lead to expensive repairs as well as higher insurance premiums.
For instance, if a truck does not have adequate inflation pressure or has too much tire wear, it will be more difficult to maneuver, and thus increases your risk of crashing. If your truck does not receive an oil change, it will eventually overheat, and the broken down vehicle may suffer an accident.

Using Maintenance Software May Help

To make sure that all of your vehicles are properly maintained, use software that tracks maintenance schedules to notify you of when it is time to maintain your vehicles. Track the cleaning, testing, repair, adjustments, and every other task that keeps your trucks in great working order. Receive notifications when your vehicle will need maintenance.
A successful preventative maintenance program keeps track of how long ago parts have been replaced and how much time should pass before a specific type of part must be replaced. Maintenance apps often export data in a format that your company can use in Excel or QuickBooks.
When your truck does break down, contact us at Anything On-Site Repair LLC. We not only service trucks, but other types of heavy equipment as well. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money, but if something goes wrong, the sooner you have your vehicle repaired, the less expensive the repairs will be overall.