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Why You Need Fleet Maintenance Software

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Preventative maintenance is essential when you own an expensive and complex piece of machinery. But the more machinery you own, the more difficult it can be to successfully engage in preventative maintenance. You will need software programs that can track each of the maintenance tasks that are performed on your assets so you do not fall behind.
Maintenance management software leaves management with fewer concerns to focus on and allows time and energy to be freed up for more important business tasks. Even with the initial cost, maintenance management software can save your business money. Here are just a few more of the benefits of maintenance tracking software.


Preventative maintenance software provides notifications when it is time to perform maintenance tasks. For example, you may receive an email notification or a text message, minimizing the risk that you will miss a scheduled maintenance task. Some software programs even send regular reminders until the maintenance task is fully completed and recorded.

Cloud-based Storage

The best maintenance tracking software solutions are based in the cloud, allowing the software to be accessed from anywhere rather than relying on a single device that the software is installed on. The ability to remotely access your software makes it much easier for multiple technicians to coordinate with each other to make repairs whenever necessary.
Apps that come with both a mobile version and a web-based version are versatile and easy to use because maintenance data can be accessed and edited from any mobile device.

Part and Cost Tracking

Maintenance part and cost tracking allow your company to better understand which decision will be the most cost-efficient. Parts can be purchased when they are the least expensive. Also, the cost of replacing a part sooner rather than later and the effects that the older part has on performance vs. a replacement part are tracked. Parts tracking is used to determine when warranties for parts will expire.

Mobile Repair Order Tools

For mobile equipment that must be repaired by traveling technicians, a mobile repair order tool would be helpful. These tools can generate estimates and invoices. Also, this tool allows technicians to determine if a part is in a particular shop or at a different location.

Permission Controls

Permission control allows more than one user to be assigned to a piece of equipment and allows you to control what they can and can't do. For instance, an employee may be prevented from ordering new parts without approval from management.


As with most software, take into consideration how the software is licensed. For instance, some software programs are licensed to one user, while others can be licensed to multiple users. Some software is paid upfront, while other options charge a smaller monthly fee.

Exporting and Compatibility

Find out if the software integrates with any external apps you already use, such as QuickBooks. This functionality saves time by making it unnecessary to perform manual data entry, which is useful when important information can be stored in the app, such as warranty and insurance information. Some apps also allow notes to be attached.

Free Trials

One of the best ways to know if a piece of maintenance software is right for your company is to download a trial. Only by using the software will you be able to determine if it is the right choice for you and your company.
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