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Mobile Electrical Services in Grand Blanc, Michigan

Electrical Services

Cutting-Edge Technology

Trucks and heavy equipment are becoming more electronically advanced every year. To keep up with complicated diagnosis and repair needs, it is important that we stay on the cutting edge of electrical advances in modern machinery. 
We are always up-to-date and can recommend the best parts for you. You can rest assured that we understand which replacement parts and troubleshooting needs are best suited for your vehicle. We’ve done our research, and we will help you keep your equipment in top-notch condition.

Programming Electronic Control Units

There are so many issues with electronic control units. It can be confusing and sometimes even frustrating when you try to track down a shop that understands how to program, replace or diagnose electrical systems for your equipment. We have the capability to program most major brands of electronic control units. Circuit board repairs can be performed after a diagnosis of the issue is completed. Our skilled team can also diagnose electrical harnesses, preferably while still on your equipment before removal.

Convenient On-Site, Same-Day Services

When electrical problems arise, they often need to be addressed right away. It can be taxing trying to find someone last minute to schedule you in. That’s why at Anything On-Site Repair LLC, we make you our priority. You can get services from us on the day that you need it. We will arrive on-site with our mobile workstation and the tools needed to get the job done right. We also can schedule out as far as you need. We’ll work with your schedule because we respect your time.

Reliable and Trustworthy

When it comes to repairing or installing electric services for your truck, we know you’re entrusting us to give top service. Our technicians are all trained and experienced in handling any situation. You can depend on us to provide quality care.